Village of My Berthold & Ullrich Ancestors


     The King of England hired German soldiers to fight on the side of the English in the Revolutionary War from 1776-1784.  He paid a rental fee for them to fight  and paid a price for each one wounded or killed.  Among these approximately 29,000 soldiers were almost  17,000 from the Hesse-Cassel area.  Of these 17,000 soldiers, approximatly 6500 were "lost", some of them by desertion  in order to remain in America. The German deserters of the English army were promised 50 acres of land.  Many took advantage of this offer. Some apparently even sold themselves into indenture in order to remain here.

     Soldiers from the Oberkalbach area who remained in America number about 100.  In the 6-volume set of reference books titled HESSISCHE TRUPPEN IM AMERIKANISCHEN UNABHAENGIGKEITSKRIEG (HETRINA) a team of researchers led by Inge Auerbach and Otto Froehlich list the German soldiers who participated in the war.  From these volumes I extracted the names of those soldier who were from the Oberkalbach area who deserted, were separated in America, or sold themselves into indenture in order to  remain  here. There were  4 soldiers from Oberkalbach listed, but apparently none remained in the U.S. The names listed with an asterisk were taken from a German book titled BERGWINKEL CHRONIK.



Melchior Schmitt b. abt. 1756; deserted

Nikolaus Schmitt b. abt. 1760; deserted Jul 1779

Johannes Seelig b. abt. 1757; deserted  Dec 1778

Ulrich Zeth b. abt. 1758; deserted Jan 1779



Henrich Cress b. abt. 1754; deserted

Nikolaus Linck b. abt., 1748; deserted Jul 1779

Henrich Schumm b. abt. 1754; deserted Dec 1778

Kaspar Spahn b. abt. 1754; deserted Sep 1782

Kaspar Weitzel b. abt. 1754; deserted Jun 1782



Johannes Hohmann b. abt. 1758; deserted Sep 1783



Georg Baist b. abt. 1755; deserted Jan 1779

Johann Friedrich Jahn b. abt. 1750; indentured Nov 1782



Karl Hoefling b. abt. 1758; deserted

Adam Roehm b. abt. 1755; separated in America



Henrich Voegeler b. abt. 1751; deserted May 1783



Nikolaus Cress/Kress b. abt. 1761; deserted Aug 1783

Johannes Koch b. abt. 1748; deserted Mar 1780

Georg Schlingelhoff b. abt. 1761; indentured Oct 1782



Johannes Kohlepp b. abt. 1761; deserted Nov 1779

Kaspar Kohlepp b. abt. 1759; deserted Apr 1781

Melchior Kohlepp b. abt. 1750; deserted Feb 1779

Kaspar Rueb b. abt. 1757; deserted 1783

Johannes Weitzel b. abt. 1743; deserted Feb 1781

Nikolaus Weitzel b. abt. 1751; separated in America Jul 1783

Nikolaus Weitzel b. abt. 1757; deserted Oct 1777



Henrich Iffland b. abt. 1760; deserted

Johannes Iffland b. abt. 1754; deserted 1783



Daniel Leibold b. abt. 1754; deserted Mar 1780

Stefan Linck b. abt. 1760; deserted Dec 1778

Johannes Traband b. abt. 1755; deserted Jul 1781



Johann Georg Daefner b. abt. 1747; deserted Jul 1783

Nikolaus Dietrich b. abt. 1756; deserted Nov 1778

Konrad Hahn b. abt. 1753; deserted Oct 1777

Henrich Krutsch b. abt. 1757; deserted Nov 1778

Kaspar Lotz b. abt. 1756; deserted Jul 1783

Johannes Rau b. abt. 1754; deserted Oct 1777

Nikolaus Zehner b. abt. 1751; deserted May 1780

Georg Ziegler b. abt. 1756; deserted 1781



Gotthard Schaeffer b. abt. 1764; separated in America Jul 1783



Georg Bensing b. abt. 1743; indentured Sep 1782

Philipp Bensing. b. abt.______; indentured  Nov 1782

Nikolaus Leibold b. abt. 1758; indentured Nov 1782

Johannes Rosenberger b. abt. 1751; deserted Oct 1777



Kaspar Linck b. abt. 1751; deserted Jul 1779


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