Village of My Berthold & Ullrich Ancestors





Johann Peter Heilmann b. abt. 1756; stayed in America



Adam Baist b. abt. 1763; deserted*

Jonas Cramer b. abt. 1751; indentured  1782

Georg Ludwig Elsasser b. abt.1752; deserted Oct 1778*

Adam Freund b. abt.1759; deserted*

Philipp Gerlach b. abt. 1744; deserted 1782

Adam Greulich b. abt.1762; stayed in America*

Nikolaus Klee b. abt.. 1754; deserted May 1778

Henrich Knauf b. abt.1759; deserted*

Konrad Kohlhepp b. abt. 1761; stayed in America

Melchior Kreiter/Krauter b. abt. 1746; separated in America

Nikolaus Lotz b. abt.1759; deserted Jan 1779

Johannes Orth (son of Konrad) b. abt. 1757; deserted Mar 1784*

Martin Schaefer b. abt.1755; stayed in America*

Martin Schefer/Schaefer b. abt.1753; indentured  Nov 1782

Johann Konrad Seebach b. abt.1763; deserted Sep 1783

Johannes Urbach b. abt.1758; indentured Mar 1782

Martin Walter b. abt.1748; stayed in the U.S.

Johann Philipp Weissenbach b. abt.1757; deserted Dec 1778

Friedrich Weissenbach b. abt.1757; deserted

Nikolaus Weitzel b. abt.1750; stayed in the U.S.*

Nikolaus Weitzel b. abt.1756; deserted Jan 1779

Karl Friedrich Zipf b. _____; separated in America Nov 1780

Adam Zipff b. abt.1752; deserted Oct 1782

Kaspar Zipff b. __;deserted Feb 1783



Dietrich Heyl b. abt.1757; separated in America

Georg Holland b. abt.1762; deserted

Jakob Keller b. ____; deserted Nov 1777

Melchior Kirsch b. abt. 1758; separated in America Jul 1783



Konrad Spielmann b. abt.1752; deserted Oct 1777



Nikolaus Blum b. abt.1755; separated in America Sep 1783

Johannes Broell b. abt.1754; indentured Sep 1782

Karl Finck b. abt.1746; deserted

Michael Huefner b. abt.1749; deserted

Urbanus Huefner b. abt.1756; deserted Jul 1781

Jacob Klaerle b. abt.1753; deserted Jul 1783

Daniel Lottich/Lottig b. abt.1751; deserted Jan 1779

Kaspar Maul b. abt.1752; deserted and indentured Sep 1782

Johannes Sauer b. abt. 1749; deserted Feb 1779

Leonhard Mueller b. abt.1753; indentured Sep 1782

Nikolaus Mueller b. abt.1752; indentured Nov 1782

Konrad Reichenbach b. abt.1757; separated in America Jun 1783

Jacob Schmitt b. abt.1752; deserted Jul 1781

Karl Schott b. abt.1746; deserted Oct 1782

Johannes Traband b. abt.1752; deserted Aug 1782

Konrad Traband b. abt.1756; deserted Jul 1781

Johannes Weber b. abt. 1757; deserted Dec 1778



Hartmann Elgert b. abt.1757; deserted Sep 1783

Adolf Mueller b. abt.1751; deserted Nov 1783

Oswald/Ewald Schiefer b. abt.1750; deserted Oct 1783

Ludwig Simon b. abt.1740; deserted Oct 1783

Peter Ulrich b. abt.1761; separated in America Aug 1783



Nikolaus Boehm b. abt.1751; deserted Oct 1777

Michael Mueller b. abt.1752; separated in America

Adam Siemon b.abt.1754; went back to U.S. after the war; returned home before death



Johannes Fehl b. abt.1753; indentured Nov 1782

Georg Heyd b. abt.1754; deserted and indentured Sep 1782



Johannes Klue b. abt.1750; deserted



Andreas Mueller b. abt.1745; deserted Oct 1780



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