Village of My Berthold & Ullrich Ancestors

Oberkalbach Area Emigrants in Butler Co. Pennsylvania


In a book titled "St. Paul’s Lutheran Church", which is in the book collection of the Family History Library (974.891/Z1 k2z), I found  death records of emigrants from the Oberkalbach area. This church was organized in 1821 near Zelienople and Harmony, Jackson Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania. I extracted only those names which listed a birthplace.



     b. 15 Mar 1820 in Elm     d. 21 Mar 1881 in Evansburg

FLINNER, Anna Barbara (born Roeder) wife of Johann Flinner

    b. 31 Jan 1807 in Neuengronau     d. 24 Dec 1902 in Butler Co.


     b. 29 Jan 1813 in Neuengronau  d. 10 Jan 1885 in Butler Co.


     b. 16 Mar 1833 in Neuengronau  d. 31 May 1881 in Zelienople

HOFFMANN, Casper  husband of Eva Boehm (md. 1830)

    b. 21 Dec 1803 in Breunings      d. 13 Oct 1872 in Cranberry Twp.

    They came to the U.S. in 1848.  They had 6 children.

KNAUF, Johann

      b. 29 Jan 1823 in Oberramholz     d. 5 Mar 1896 in Butler Co.

KNAUF, Katherine (born Gerlach)

    b. 2 Jun 1829 in Elm     d. 29 Feb 1890 in Zelienople

KNAUF, Michael husband of Elizabeth Loose and Marie Schmidt

    b. 22 Jan 1814 in Vollmerz     d. 26 Jan 1894 in Butler Co.

KNAUF, Nikolaus son of Michael Knauf and Maria Franz

    b. 24 Sep 1822  in Vollmerz     d. 29 Mar 1897 in Zelienople

LUTZ , Louisa (born Druschel)  wife of Caspar

    b. 6 Dec 1803 in Breitenbach     d. 2 Mar 1854 in Butler Co.

ROEDER, Conrad

    b. 17 Sep 1823 in Sterbfritz     d. 21 Apr 1905 in Petersville

SCHEIDEMANTEL, Johann son of Johann Scheidemantel and Wilhelmine Leipold

    b. 20 May 1820 in Neuengronau     d. 22 Mar 1853 in Zelienople

STROTT, Heinrich son of Johann Adam Strott and Barbara Schreiber

    b. 18 Dec 1804 in Weichersbach     d. 24 Oct 1865 in Zelienople


In the records of "St. Peter’s German Evangelical Protestant Church", organized in  the same area in 1843, also in the book collection of the Family History Library (974.891/Z1 k2zi), I found the following death records:


BOEHM, Eva (born Knauf) wife of Nicholas Boehm (md. 1819)

    b. 25 May 1791 in Vollmerz   d. 20 Jan 1873 in Jackson Twp. Buried in

    Evansburgh.They had 12 children and came to the U.S. in 1834.

BOEHM, Michael son of Adam Boehm and Anna Bieber.

    b. Mar 1826 in Breunings     d. 7 Feb 1861     He came to the U.S. in 1846 with his parents.

BOEHM, Salome (born Knauf) wife of Johann Georg Boehm; (md. 1819)

     b. 7 Feb 1794 in Ramholz     d. 11 Jan 1872 in Jackson Twp. Buried at Evansburg

     They came to the U.S. in 1836 with their children.

DRUSCHEL, Anna Emilie (born Frischkorn) wife of Heinrich Druschel (md. Feb 1830)

    b. 19 Aug 1805 in Wallroth     d. 4 Feb 1879 in Franklin Twp. Beaver Co.

    They came to the U.S. in 1845 with their only child.

DRUSCHEL, Johann Stephan husband of Margaretha Kniess (md. 1830; d. 1854)

    b. 27 Mar 1782 in Breitenbach     d. 16 Aug 1863 in Jackson Twp.


    b. 27 Aug 1813 in Weichersbach     d. 27 Dec 1891

FLINNER, Anna Catharina (born Roeder) wife of Martin Flinner (md. 1812)

    b. 3 Dec 1791 in Neuengronau     d. 12 Feb 1865

    They had 5 children.  She came to the U.S. with their son Adam in 1848

FLINNER, Elisabetha (born Rupert) wife of Adam Flinner

    b. 6 Sep 1817 in Neuengronau     d. 2 Jun 1861.

    She came to the U.S. with her husband and 5 children  

FRISCHKORN, Anna Margaretha (born Zahn) wife of Johann Adam Frischkorn

    b. 8 Oct 1791 in Seidenroth     d. 20 Jul 1872 in Jackson Twp.

    They came to the U.S. in 1832 with 9 children.

FRISCHKORN, Caspar husband of Elizabeth Flinner

    b. 11 Aug 1823 in Neuengronau     d. 8 Mar 1894

FRISCHKORN, Johannes husband of Margaretha Mueller and Margaretha Gies

    b. 23 Dec 1788 in Neuengronau     d. 10 Feb 1859 in Jackson Twp.

    He came to Butler County with 8 children after the death of his 1st wife.

FRISCHKORN, Johannes  husband of Catharina Boehm

    b. 17 Jan 1815 in Neuengronau     d. 10 Oct 1874 He came to the U.S. in 1837 and had 10 children.

HOLZER, Cathrina wife of William Holzer of Oberzell

    b. 10 Apr 1791 in Schwarzenfels     d. 12 Dec 1875

    They came to the U.S. in 1837.  They had 9 children.  She was widowed in 1843.

KAUFMAN, Casper married to Magdalena Ketterer 22 Dec 1833

    b. 28 Feb 1801 in Wallroth     d. 29 May 1864 He came to the U.S. in 1831.  They had 13 children.

KNAUF, Michael husband of Anna Margaret Bennzinger.

    b. 20 Jul 1790 in Vollmerz     d. 7 Apr 1863 in Jackson Twp. He emigrated with his wife and 9 children.


    b. 8 Jul 1796 in Vollmerz   d. 22 Feb 1879 in Jackson Twp. He came to the U.S. in 1842.

KRESS, Conrad husband of Barbara Knauf

    b. 29 Aug 1803 in Weichersbach     d. 17 Aug 1870They had 5 children.  Came to the U.S. in 1831.

LOTZ, Johann Georg

    b. 13 Apr 1799 in Breitenbach     d. 13 Oct 1873 in Rochester, Beaver Co.

    He came to the U.S. in 1833.

LOTZ, Wilhelm

    b. 30 Sep 1827 in Wallroth     d. 26 Apr 1891

RADER, Johannes husband of Elizabeth

    b. 10 Jun 1807 in Breunings     d. 4 Jul 1891

SCHEEL, Caspar husband of Margaretha Ruttger (md. 25 May 1821)

    b. 31 Mar 1801 in Neuengronau     d. 1 Apr 1867 in Middle Lancaster

    They had 9 children.  They came to the U.S. in 1846.

ZINKHAN, Casper  

    b. 1806 in Vollmerz     d. 2 Apr 1867 in Zelienople   He came to the U.S. in 1833.

ZINKHAN, Johannes  husband of Christina Lang

    b. 21 Nov 1800 in Vollmerz     d. 3 Dec 1873 in Jackson Twp. He came to the U.S. in 1833.

ZINKHAN, Sophia (born Bartholomai)  

    b. 15 Feb 1780 in Vollmerz     d. 11 Mar 1861

    She married Jacob Zinkhan and had 3 children.  They  came to Jackson Twp. in  1833.


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