Village of My Berthold and Ullrich Ancestors
Oberkalbach Area Emigrants to Hungary
     The following is a list of area residents who went to Hungary in the 18th century and the villages from which they left. Sometimes no emigration date is given but a baptism,  marriage or death took place in Hungary in which the German town of origin was given.

ALTENGRONAU: SCHUESSLER (SCHISSLER) Elisabeth married Johann Jost on 28 Jul 1743 in Kismanyok.
BELLINGS: FRISCHKORN, Johann Georg 1749; HILDENBRAND, Konrad 1749; KIRCHNER, Jakob (a shepherd, son of Johann  and Kunigunda) married Anna Elisabetha Mueller (dau. of Johann Henrich & Anna Breidenbach) on 6 Mar 1764 in Kistormas.
BRANDENSTEIN: MUELLER, Johann married Anna Elisabetha Jost 17 May 1768 in Varsad.
DALHERDA: GUTERMUTH, Nikolaus (son of Valentin) 1766  and his wife Elisabeth Schilling (dau. of Christoph) marriedon 6 Jun 1766.
EICHENRIED: MOELLER, Johann 1787 (maybe from Veitsteinbach)
EICHENZELL: HELD, Johann Adam  (a miller, son of Johannes  and Catharina.  Married Anna Jahn, dau. of Johannes  and Catharina on 23 Apr 1733.  In 1732 he was in Palota Bozsok.  HILPERT, Johannes and
and Catharina on 23 Apr 1733.  In 1752 he was in Geresd. HOHMANN, Johannes (a shepherd) with wife Margarethe. They were in Szajk/Baranja in 1752.  MUELLER, Dr. Carl (no date)
GUNDHELM: ROTH, Valentin married Dorothea Strott of Heubach on 31 July 1772 in Nagyszekely
HEROLZ: HEIMBUCH, Nikolaus (born abt. 1695, d. 19 Feb 1745) married (2nd) Margarethe on 16 Jun 1739 in Grundaler. From 1737 to 1741 he was in Mariakemmend. HEYL, Johann Georg; married on 7 May 1748 Eva Elisabetha Merck in Mucsi/Tolnau. LINK, Adam with wife Gertrud.  In 1746 they are in
Geresd/Baranja. PFAFF, Johann (a farmer), with 4 people 14 Jun 1784.  SCHAEFFER, Conrad with wife
Theresia 1720; son Johannes baptized in 1747 in Szur/Baranja.
HEUBACH: RENSCH, Johannes b. 1739 died 1 Dec 1779 in Mekenyes.  In 1769 he married Anna Kolhaas.  They lived in Izmeny. RENSCH, Adam b. abt. 1729 married Christina Kuwath (1723-1801).  Lived in Kismanyok. KUBATH, Henrich, left for Hungary about 1755.
HOHENZELL: HENNING, Johann Martin, 1744 to Swabian Turkey
KRESSENBACH: LOTZ, Elisabeth 1725.
MAGDLOS: HACK, Barbara (sister of Kaspar and Heinrich) 1755. KRESS, Heinrich (small farmer) with wife  and children May 1787. ROEHRIG, Heinrich (small farmer) with 6 people 1786 to Neu-Werbas. SCHAEFFER, Henrich (born abt. 1694) died 3 May 1756 in Nyomja/Baranja. WITZEL,  Niclas and Margarethe 1755.
MARJOSS: EULER, Urban (born abt. 1689) Apr 1746; to Schwabian Turkey with wife Anna Barbara age 42, Johann Philip age 15, Johann Jakob age 13, Kathrina Elisabeth age 12, Sophia Elisabeth age 6, Elisabetha age 2.  JAHN, Valentin married (2nd) Anna on 8 Feb 1728 in Szajk.  (3rd) Barbara Hasenauer 13 Sep 1735.
MITTELKALBACH: BOTH, Valentin, a weaver, about 1732. HAHN, Johannes 1719; settled in Szekelyszabar. HAPP, Johann 1798; married 1798 to Eva Lorei of Giesel/Fulda. HILLEBRAND, Johann Peter with wife and children 1790. HILLEBRAND, Thomas 1754. KRESS, Hans Heinrich 1754. LEISTERLE,Heinrich (shoemaker) 31 May 1772. ROEB, Anna Maria 1791. SCHMIDT, Catharina (born abt. 1748) a widow with 2 children 1793 to Banat.  SCHUMM, Johann Adam 1746.
MOTTGERS: HOHMANN, Heinrich with wife Elisabetha 1721. RUEBSAMEN, Georg (son of Johannes) 1753.
NEUENGRONAU: ECKARTH, Johannes 1718. HOMANN, (dau. of Asmus) married Valtin Mohrgrass in 1759in Kistormas.  HOLTZMANN, Johann Adam May 1794.  KULTHAU, Anna and 1 child May 1794.  LINGELBACH (wife of Henrich) and 1 son May 1794.  MUTH, Elisabeth 1792; Anna Barbara and 2
children May 1794..
NEUHOF: KLUEH, Johann 6 Mar 1792. KOCH, Elisabeth (unmarried) 1793. MAUL, Johann Adam (a tailor) 2 Mar 1792. MOELLER, Hartmann 2 Mar 1792.  MOELLER, Ignatz with wife and 4 children 22 Mar 1793.
MOELLER, Philipp 9 Mar 1792. MOELLER, Valentin 1793. MOELLER, Walter with wife Margarethe Spangenberger 1 Feb 1793.
NIEDERKALBACH: AUTH, Adam 1754. ELM, Bernard 29 Feb 1808 (father and 3 siblings are already in Hungary). HACK, Johannes and wife Elisabeth; in 1741 he was the mayor of Apatvarasd. HACK, Nikolaus and wife Kunigunda 1720; from 1720-1723 he was mayor of Apatvarasd.  JAHN, Sophia (unmarried) no date. MAUL, Johannes with wife and child 6 Feb 1790. SAUER, Franz with wife and child 6 Feb 1790. SCHMIDT, Nikolaus teacher and mayor in Fazekasboda from 1727 to 1750. WEHNER, Valentin married Anna Ursula Schmitt on 3 Sep 1747 in Mucsi/Tolnau.
OBERKALBACH: BERTHOLD, Christoph born in Wallroth but married and had children in Oberkalbach, emigrated to Hungary in 1744 wit his family. His daughter was designated as godmother of a female child in Kismanyok in 1751. FELLER, Johann born 21 May 1735, son of Johannes and Anna Elisabetha, married to Anna Elisabetha, died on 18 Aug 1793 in Kismanyok. GLOCK, Nicolaus b. 1699 (son of Michael)  went to Izmeny 10 km from Kismanyok. ULRICH, Johann married Anna Elisabethe Lanner on 31 Jul 1745 in Nagyszekely.
OBERZELL: HOHMANN, Heinrich  married Catharina Prescher on 24 Nov 1772 in Nagyszekely. SEYFERT, Johann Georg; on 13 Oct 1776 Anna Margarethe Kohlhepp bore him an illegitimate son.  She had come 6 months earlier to Hungary.
REINHARDS: MERCK, Johannes married Gertrud Buettner on 21 Nov 1746 in Mucsi/Tolnau.
QUELL, Sebastian  married Anna Maria Suender on 15 Nov 1746 in Mucsi/Tolnau.
ROEHRIGS: KOLLER, Ottilia age 45; Apr 1745.
ROMMERZ: GAERTNER, Johann Adam 1793. HACK, Johann Melchior 1798.
SCHULTHEISS, Hans (son of Peter) married Gertrude Heil (dau. of Peter) on 3 Apr 1725 in Himeshaza.
SANNERZ: MUELLER, Melchior was in Vorosmart from 1734 to 1741
SCHLUECHTERN: GUTMANN, Johann 1744. HAFNER, Johann Michael 16 May 1744 (born abt. 1700) and wife Margarethe and 5 daughters; a daughter was married to Philipp Karl on 9 Feb 1745 in Nagyszekely.  HADERMANN, Christoph age 44 and Anna Maria age 42 in Jul 1744.  HAFFNER, Johann Michael age 44 and Anna Margaretha age 44 and 6 daughters in Jul 1744. SCHUHMANN, Henrich Ludwig age 40, a shoemaker, with wife Anna Sophia age 44, 2 daughters and 1 son 1744.
SCHWARZENFELS: FRISCHKORN, Gottlob; married Anna Margaretha Riess on 9 Nov 1756 in Nagyszekely. SIMON, Burhhard of Striesslitz married Rosina Hebst on 11 Jun 1772 in Nahyszekeley.STROTT, Caspar from Steglitz married Anna Margarethe Schiller on 1 Feb 1773 in Nagyszekely.
SEIDENROTH: ZETH, Elisabeth age 36, Anna Margaretha age 12, Johann Friedrich age 9, Johann Adam age 4 in Mar 1745.  SIMON, Burkhard of Striesslitz married Rosina Hebst on 11 Jun 1772 in Nahyszekeley.STROTT, Caspar from Steglitz married Anna Margarethe Schiller on 1 Feb 1773 in Nagyszekely.
ZETH, Johann Martin, a linenweaver (born abt. 1705, died 1771); married Elisabethe in 1745 in Gyonk.
SPEICHERZ: BREITENBACH, Elisabeth 1795. RUEBSAMEN, Konrad 1766.
STEINAU: BEER, Ulrich to the Banat on 13 Mar 1744. EULER, Christian (born abt. 1708) 1746;  with wife  Anna Maria and 2 children. EULER, Christoph (born abt. 1716) 1746 with wife Katharina and 1 son.
EULER, Jakob (born abt. 1673) 1746; with wife and 2 children. EULER, Johann Christian age 28 with wife Anna Maria age 27 and 2 children Mar 1745. HAYDT, Nikolaus age 32 and wife Anna Catharina (or Maria) and Christoph age 7, Margaretha age 3 and Ludwig age 1; in Mar 1746. LANG, Konrad (born abt. 1713) died 9 Jan 1767 in Gyonk; wife Elisabeth Jost.  LAUCH, Kaspar age 30, Mar 1744.  LOTZ, Johann
 Wilhelm  Mar 1749 to Swabian Turkey. MENGE, Johannes age 69 with wife and 1 son and 3 daughters in Mar 1749.  SEIFFERT, Johannes age 40 and Maria Elisabeth age 42 and 1 child Feb 1745.  WEBER, Johannes age 36 with wife and 2 children in Mar 1746.  WEBER, Anna Catharina age 22 and Anna Regina age 2 in Mar 1746. WETZEL, Nikolaus 1749 to Swabian Turkey.
BLUM, Johann 1767. EDEL, Georg 1771. MUELlER, Oswald 1792.  SCHMIDT, Matthias 1757.
BELZ, Hans 1723 with his daughter. BELZ, Johann(es) 1758. LINZ, Margaretha and Elisabetha(no date)  with Heinrich NIX. MALKMUS, Johannes (son of Johannes) after his marriage to Margretha Schomann
in 1747. MOSBACH, Johann Adam from Obersinn 1743 right after his marriage to Anna Rueb of Hettenhausen.  MOTT, Anna and her husband Georg Barthell Buch (of Neuburg) in 1731.
BETZ, Margaretha 22 Aug 1804.
FUSS, Anna Maria  and Catharina 1720.
ERB, Melchior (no year); settled in Szuer/Baranja. GAERTNER, Johannes; wife Margarethe; daughter Anna Dorothea was baptized in 1724 in Lovaszheteny.
EYRING, Nikolaus in ?.  HERCHENROEDER, Conrad 1766 (without official permission). HERCHENROEDER, Michael with wife Catherina in 1723.  From 1724 to 1729 he was in Babarc.  MUELLER, Barthal (born abt. 1709) died 20 Oct 1773 in Nagyszekely. STANG, Martin (Lutheran) 1741.

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