Village of My Berthold & Ullrich Ancestors

Helena Blum born 8 Jan 1829, daughter of Johannes Blum and Anna Mueller.  Emigrated in 1854 with her son Nicolaus Blum born 17 Aug 1850 and her brother Nicolaus Blum born 26 Sep 1822. They arrived from Bremen in New York on 20 May 1854 on the ship Anna.  Listed in Germans to America Vol. 7 page 99.

Konrad Breitenbach born 17 Sep 1805, son of Johann Peter Breitenbach and  Helena Mueller, emigrated in 1837 with his wife (married 26 Jul 1829) Gertrauda Ommert born 5 Nov 1809, daughter of Nicolaus Ommert and Eva Rueffer, with their children: Eva born 5 Sep 1829, Anna Barbara born 25 Mar 1831, Katharina born 7 Oct 1832, Nicolaus born 27 Dec 1834.

....... Buerger, who fathered a child named Konrad Michael Buerger born 2 Jul 1834, emigrated on 4 Jun 1851 to join his father who was already in America.

Johann Peter Dorn born 22 Nov 1806, son of Johannes Dorn and Gertrauda Glock, with his wife (married 23 Aug 1833) Elisabetha Lins , daughter of Heinrich Lins and Barbara Alt of Oberzell, emigrated in 1849, with their children: Johannes born 29 Oct 1834, Katharina born 23 Oct 1836, Anna born 9 Sep 1837,  Nicolaus born 26 Feb 1839, Heinrich born 1 Jan 1842, Johann Nikolaus born 24 Mar 1848. Also his son Johann Peter born 11 April 1827 (ill.), Gertrauda born 15 Dec 1831 from his first marriage (10 May 1831) to Gertrauda Dorn born 25 Feb 1808, daughter of Johann Henrich Dorn and Dorothea Foeller, who died 5 Aug 1832.

Nicolaus Dorn born 14 Apr 1827, son of Nicolaus Dorn and Katharina Elisabetha Dorn, emigrated in 1846/1847.

Johann Adam Glock  28 Jan 1824, son of Johann Peter Glock and Elisabetha , Mayer, emigrated in 1852, with his wife (married 14 Feb 1847) Anna Margaretha Mueller born 18 Oct 1823, daughter of Johannes Mueller and Eva Strott, and their children: Anna Barbara born 28 Dec 1845, Johannes Glock born 27 May 1851.

Konrad Glock born 15 Jun 1799, son of Nicolaus Glock and Katharina Schaefer, emigrated in     with his wife (married 15 Oct 1821) Anna Barbara Mueller born
1800, daughter of George Mueller of Heubach.  

Nicolaus Glock born 6 Mar 1803, son of Nicolaus Glock and Katharina Schaefer, emigrated in 1861 after the death of his wife Elisabetha Christ of Oberzell in 1854. He had previously been married to Anna Margaretha Jost who died in 1832.

Nicolaus Glock born 9 Nov 1826, son of Nicolaus Glock and Margaretha Jost, emigrated in 1853 with his wife (married 19 Jun 1853) Anna Barbara Ommert born 4
Jul 1826, daughter of Nicolaus Ommert and Katharina Mueller, with their children: Katharina born 30 Nov 1849 and Elisabetha born 15 Oct 1852.

Andreas Heil born 26 Aug 1819, son of Johannes Heil and Anna Maria Wohlmacher.  He arrived from Bremen at Baltimore on the ship Adolphine on 6 May 1854.  His destination was Baltimore.

Conrad Herbert born 1783, son of Kaspar Herbert of Heubach, with his wife (married 11 Aug 1833) Anna Margaretha Knoll born 1792 in Oberzell, daughter of Peter Knoll and Christina Vamberg of Heubach, emigrated with their children: Conrad age 4 and Peter born 22 May 1834. They came from Bremen to Baltimore on the brig Ulysses
on 26 Jul 1837.

Kaspar Herbert born 28 Jun 1826, son of Johann Heinrich Herbert and Elisabetha Heimel, emigrated on 8 Aug 1856. He arrived from Bremen at Baltimore on the ship President Smidt on 25 Oct 1856.  His destination was Baltimore.

Johannes Hornung born 16 Jun 1870, son of Johannes Hornung and Gertraude Dorn emigrated in 1886.

Johann Ickler born in house #26 1/4 on 8 June 1837, son of Nicolaus Ickler and Helena Sauer. he boarded the ship Fernidand and arrived in Baltimore on 11 May 1860. He was a farmer. His destination was Purtzville.

Johannes Krieger born 15 Dec 1807, son of Goerg Krieger and  Elisabetha Heil, emigrated in 1852 with his wife (married 26 Aug 1842)  Gertraude Glock born  3 Sep 1822, daughter of Nikolaus Glock and Margaretha Jost, with their child: Margaretha
born 6 May 1848.

Johannes Loeffert born 14 May 1841, son of Katharina Loeffert, daughter of Melchior.
Emigrated ?.

Anna Mueller born 11 Jul 1830, daughter of Balthasar Mueller and Katharina Jordan, emigrated in 1854 with her son Konrad born 21 Mar 1851.

Conrad Mueller born 17 Dec 1819?  son of Elisabetha Mueller and Georg Zeller (of Schwarzenfels) arrived from Bremen in Baltimore on the ship Adolphine on 6 May 1854.  His destination was Baltimore.

Nicolaus Schaefer born 13 Aug 1809. son of Daniel Schaefer and Kunigunda Ullrich, emigrated after 1854 with his wife (married 4 Sep 1831) Anna Margaretha Schaefer born 27 Apr 1807, daughter of Nicolaus Schaefer and Anna Glock, with their children:
Kunigunda born 14 Jul 1833, Johannes born 29 Dec 1840,  Eva born 17Apr 1844. Other children born in Oberkalbach were: Johannes born 11 Jul 1835 d. 9 Mar 1843, Johannes Nicolaus born 21 Jun 1853 d. 8 Dec 1854.  Stillborn children born in 1838, 1839, 1847.

Conrad Ullrich born 17 Sep 1819, son of Konrad Ullrich and Kunigunda Boehm, with his wife Elisabeth, age 28, and his dau. Catharina age 3, came from Bremen to Baltimore on the ship Adolphine on 6 May 1854.  Their destination was Baltimore.

Nicolaus Ullrich born 12 Jun 1822, son of Konrad Ullrich and Kunigunda Boehm, came from Bremen to Baltimore on the ship President Smidt on 25 Oct 1856.  His destination was Baltimore. This is brother of Conrad listed above.
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