Village My Berthold and Ullrich Ancestors

In each marriage listed here, at least one of the parties was an emigrant or a descendant of an emigrant from the Oberkalbach area.  As I learn more about about these people, I will add information about their origin. I will spell their names the way they appear in the record and add the German spelling in parentheses.

Ulrich Gerloch (Gerlach) to Mary Pipher  (Pfeiffer)  7 Oct 1839
George E. Pieffer (Pfeiffer) to Mary Strosser   24 Oct 1843
John Piffer (Pfeiffer) to Eva Elsasser (Elsaesser)  21 Jul 1838
Christopher Althouser to Barbara Pfiffer (Pfeiffer)  16 Aug 1845
Martin Winebrenner (Weinbrenner) to Mina Hartoon   22 Jun 1847
John Peter Vogler  (Voegler) to Elisabeth Stock   11 Nov 1847
Nicholas Clock  (Glock) to Barbara Bridenbaugh (Breitenbach)  23 Dec 1852
Goerge Bloom (Blum) to Gertrous Leffert (Loeffert)  3 Feb 1853
William Zehner to Maria Zigler  (Ziegler)  13 Feb 1853
Michael Bloom (Blum) to Maria Orth   23 Aug 1853
Joseph L. Iches to Louisa Exaline 29 Dec 1853
Adam Freshcorn (Frischkorn) to Elizabeth Kloe (Klueh)   29 Dec 1853
Albert Libold (Leibold) to Mary Libold  (Leibold) 15 Jan 1854
John G. Ott to Elizabeth Orth   7 May 1854
John Krieger to Anna Reefly   23 Nov 1854
Conrad Jordan to Catherine Sivert  (Seifert) 20 Feb 1855
Peter Dorn to Catherine Shanefelter 23 Sep 1856
Adam Gerlock (Gerlach) to Ann Mayer   18 Sep 1856
Barnhart Bloom (Blum) to Catherine Alt   25 Dec 1856
Conrad Belz to Elizabeth Schrimp   30 Jul 1856
Nicholas Lutz (Lotz)to Mella Cook  21 Feb 1855
Nicholas Lutz (Lotz) to Catharine Leffert  (Loeffert) 12 Apr 1855
John Alt to Mary Frydager   28 Oct 1855

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