Village of My Berthold & Ullrich Ancestors
     Following is a list of  descendants in the United States who have ancestors who lived in Oberkalbach or a nearby village.  I found these people on the internet or they found me.  I have included their e-mail addresses and web sites if they have one.  I will add onto this list as more people contact me and give me
permission to do so.
LINDA BRAUND- lbraund@att.net
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~gartner/index.htm Linda is a great great granddaughter of August Gaertner of Veitsteinbach, son of Andrew (Andreas) Gaertner.  August sailed from Bremen to Baltimore on the ship Leipzig at age 22,  arriving at Baltimore on 10 Sep 1880.  August's sister Justina, age 20, came by way of Bremen and Southhampton on the ship Elbe, arriving in the U.S. on 19 Jun 1882.  August's older half- brother, Nicholas,  son of Andrew (Andreas) Gaertner and Maria Eva Henkel, left Hamburg on the ship Hapsburg and
arrived in the U.S. on 2 Oct 1882.  All three settled in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, which is now Pittsburgh.
BILL CLOAKE - BILLII@aol.com   Bill is a descendant of Johann Adam Glock, b. 28 Jan 1824, son of Johann Peter Glock and Elisabetha Mayer/Meyer/Meier, and Anna Margaretha Mueller, b. 18  Oct 1823, dau. of Johannes Mueller and Eva Strott.  See Oberkalbach Emigrants page.
BARBARA BERTHOLD CROUCH - Barbara2459@aol.com Barbara is the descendant of Peter Berthold b. 20 Mar 1832 in Wallroth, son of Johannes Berthold and Catharina Mueller. He emigrated to New Athens, St. Clair Co., Illinois, about 1860.
MICHAEL EDWARD DEPUTY - mdeputy@sprintmail.com
Michael is a descendant of Kunigunda Will, b. 1641 in Oberkalbach, dau. of Heintz.  Michael is related to many other surnames in several villages in this area - Altengronau, Bellings, Breitenbach, Heubach, Hutten, Mottgers, Oberzell, Schwarzenfels, Steinau, Sterbfritz, Weichersbach, Zuentersbach, etc.
HELEN GRANT DONALD - hgdonald@earthlink.net Helen is the descendant of the Hessian soldier Nicholaus Linck of the Erbprinz Regiment.  He was born in 1748 in Breitenbach.  He
 deserted in July 1779.
CHAD DORN - cdorn@computer.org Chad is a descendant of Johann Peter Dorn born 11 Apr 1827 in Oberkalbach, son Johann Peter Dorn  from his first marriage  (10 May 1831) to Gertrauda Dorn born 25 Feb 1808, daughter of Johann Henrich Dorn and Dorothea Foeller, who died 5 Aug 1832.
LARRY FLINNER - llflinner@webtv.net Larry is the descendant of  Conrad Flinner, son of Johann Georg Flinner and Anna Maria Krug, born in 1849 in Neuengronau. He emigrated in 1866 to Holmes Co., Ohio.
DEBORAH DRUSCHEL GUIDA - dguida@earthlink.net Deborah is the great granddaughter of Johannes Druschel, born 28 Jan 1849 in Oberzell, but raised in Hohenzell.  He emigrated with his fiancee Anna Maria Vaupel, arriving in New York on 11 Aug 1883 on the SS Oder.
VIRGINIA HALL - jvhall@voyager.net Virginia is a descendant of Friedrich Kraushaar born in Uttrichshausen on 17 April 1817 and  his wife Katharina Heil b. 4 Apr 1822.  They emigrated, arriving in New York on 11 May 1852.  They lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and later in Michigan.
LISA LINK HERR - lmlherr@juno.com Lisa is the 4th great granddaughter of the Hessian soldier Kaspar Link who was born in Reinhards abt. 1751 and deserted in Jul 1779.
GARY HORLACHER- horlache@xmission.com
Gary is the descendant of Johann Georg Kilmer, son of Georg Kilmer, born about 1673 in Altengronau.  He emigrated in 1709 to NewYork with his 2nd wife and 4 children by his first marriage.
Bob is the descendant of Johannes Ulrich Zeth who was born in Bellings in 1758.  He joined the Erbprinz Regiment and  fought in the Revolutionary War as one of the Hessian Soldiers.  He deserted in January 1779 and remained in Pennsylvania.
DAVID JENKINS - dbj@acc-net.com David is a descendant of Peter Roeder of Neuengronau who emigrated with his brother Johann in 1885.
CAROL JENSEN - vajensen@cox.net Carol is a descendant of Conrad Breitenbach and his wife Gertraude Ommert who emigrated from Oberkalbach.  See Oberkalbach Emigrants page.
STACY KINDLE - stacy_kindle@yahoo.com Stacy is a descendant of Anna Glock, b. 25 Dec 1838, dau. of Nicolaus Glock and Elisabetha  Christ.  She emigrated in 1861.  See the Oberkalbach Emigrants page.
JOHN KLEINBERG - k-bergs@home.com
John is a descendant of Mary Belz, the daughter of Constantine Belz and Anna  Yaeckel (Jaeckel).  She was born 23 Jan 1852 in Uttrichshausen and emigrated in 1872.  See Emigrants from Nearby Villages.  She married  Edward Moeller in Philadelphia.
STEPHANIE KRAUSHAAR - deedles.beetles@verizon.net Stephanie is the descendant of Friedrich Kraushaar born in Uttrichshausen on 17 Apr 1817 and  his wife Katharina Heil b. 4 Apr 1822. They emigrated, arriving in New York on 11 May 1852.  They lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and later in Michigan.
J.P. LAQUEUR - suanne.laqueur@wcom.com J.P. is a descendant of Johann Nicolaus Ommert, b. 12 Jan 1862, son of Nicolaus Ommert (b. 6 Jan 1828) and his wife Anna Mueller (b. 7 Oct 1829).
CAROLEE  LOGAN - Scotlinda@aol.com Carolee is the descendant of Margaretha Kuhlthau b. 1824 and Conrad Kohlhepp b. 1827 in Oberzell.  They emigrated about 1847 and settled in
Milltown, Middlesex, NJ.
JOAN LONGBRAKE - jlongbrake@worldnet.att.net Joan is a descendant of Ulrich Schaeffer b. 15 May 1796 in Hutten.  He was widowed twice in Germanh and emigrated with his grandson Heinrich Loefert in 1868 in Kenton, Ohio.
DENNY LONG - desalo@bright.net
Denny is a descendant of Conrad Breitenbach, b. 1805 and Gertrude Ommert, b. 1809.  See Oberkalbach Emigrants page.
KATHY OCHS - YNS1964@aol.com
Kathy is a descendant of Nicolaus Glock, b.  1803, son of Nicolaus Glock and Katharina Schaefer, and his wife Elisabetha Christ, dau. of Konrad Christ and Elisabetha Wagner of Oberzell.
HEIDI SHIELDS - hcat@merr.com  Heidi is the daughter of Margerethe Foeller. Margarethe was born in Oberkalbach and emigrated to Wisconsin in 1954.
SUSAN SHIVE - rshive@mail.win.org  Susan is a descendant of Conrad Kuehlthau (son of Johann Heinrich Kuehlthau and Anna Barbara Lins) b. in Oberzell.  He may have come to the U.S.  with his brother Philipp in 1847/8.  
Bob is a descendant of Johannes Ullrich who was born in Oberkalbach but married in 1699 and settled in Schwarzenfels.  Johannes' son settled in Altengronau.  The descendant Johann Adam Ullrich, who is Bob's great-grandfather, emigrated to Louisville, KY, in 1881.
NANCY WELSH - NANCWELSH@aol.com Nancy is the descendant of Peter Kohlhepp (sonof Johann Peter Kohlhepp and Magdalena Mueller) b. 11 Dec 1811 in Heubach and Maria Margaretha Hach (daughter of Sebastian Hach and Anna Margaretha Schuhmann) b. 20 Jul 1806 in Uttrichshausen.  They emigrated in the early 1830's.
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